Labour Weekend Saturday the 26th to Monday the 28th of October. 10AM - 4PM
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A fun extra event

The Hat Walk

This is a hat parade production and a chance to try out various hats and see how they look on other people, conducted by Marmalade Hats Director, Myra Lloyd, this will be a fun event, in the Memorial Hall on Sunday, October 27th, at 4:30p.m. for approximately 45 minutes.

War Memorial Hall
Stop 10

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Amy Howatt, Andrew Denton, Ann Crane, Ann Keane, Annabel Brechelt, Anne Coppell,Arwen Flowers, Audrey Jenkins, Avon Aspden,, Barbara Young, Boortman Woodcrafts,Curtis Davies, Elaine Collins, Emma Springford-Gough, Evie Smith, FionaMacBride,Gareth Gardyne, Heather Steadman, Heidi Van Duyn, Helene Blomfield, Helensville Floral Art Club, Jacky Pieper, Jan Backhurst, Jane Aldridge, Jayne Thomas, Jeff Thomson,Jo Dixey, Jo Oram, Joanne Sullivan, John Cameron La Parade, JulieBuswell, Julie Nash,Karen St John, Katie Arnold, Kiri Abraham, Kit Dean, Larraine Buswell, Laura Mason , Laurel North, LauraSchiessel, Leda Daniel, Liana Steedman, Linda Ruzich, Love Flowers, Lyn Chapman, Marcia Barrowman,Masters Te Rakau, Melanie Church, Mike Rowland, Myra Lloyd, Norma Frazer, Pat Kench, Peggy Purl, Rachel Wong, Ray Scott, Raywin Cruickshank, Rebecca Gardyne, Robert Jackson, Ruth Sumner, Sally Hardwick, Sharon Dooney, Steven Valiere, Tom Somerville, Tony Cliffe, Tora McKenzie, The Recycle Collective, Wendy Fraser, William Robert Boyd, Winsome Gardyne